Leadership & Executive Coaching


Even successful leaders need help in working through a variety of challenges they face every day.


At Hiller Avenue Partners, we team up with organizations to help their leaders be the best they can be at leading people and advancing the mission.


To address the needs of the individual leader and the organization he or she serves, we offer several options for customized and confidential coaching. A cost-free exploratory meeting with the leader’s key sponsor helps establish the needs and goals of the coaching experience. Topics covered with the leader in subsequent meetings can include:




  • 360° and other assessment

  • Strategic thinking

  • Conflict management

  • Career planning

  • Influencing

  • Discovering and managing image and personal brand



  • New leader transition

  • Leadership and management skills

  • Team building and performance

  • Communicating effectively

  • Engaging employees

  • Assessing performance

  • Managing time



Contact us about scheduling an initial, no-cost exploratory meeting to discuss how we can help someone in your organization.


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