Career Development Coaching


Whether you are dissatisfied in your current role or feeling great about how your career is progressing, developing your career requires ongoing effort.


At Hiller Avenue Partners, we help people find a future that fits.


We offer an assortment of affordable coaching packages which provide effective career development assistance that is right for you. Our coaching is not “cookie cutter.” It is tailored to your specific needs. It is both flexible and action oriented, enabling you to take charge of your own career development.


An exploratory meeting, at no cost to you, helps establish your need and identify where you need the most help. Subsequent meetings can cover a variety of topics, including:




  • Career goals and aspirations
  • Your style and values
  • Your interests
  • Your “personal brand”
  • Career enablers, such as knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Relationship networking
  • Building a career development plan



  • LinkedIn and other social media tools

  • Communicating and influencing

  • Job search strategy and skills, including résumé prep, cover letters, networking, marketing plan prep, interviewing, research and negotiating offers

  • Mock interviewing

  • Assessment



How can we help you? Contact us about scheduling an initial, no-cost exploratory meeting.


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