You have a job, but it doesn’t bring the satisfaction and fulfillment you know is possible. You’d like to make it work at your current place of employment – or perhaps not – but you’re certain that something significant needs to change about your job or career.


If you are an employer, having disengaged workers is felt in many ways. Employees are distracted by their dissatisfaction and their focus shifts away from carrying out the core mission. Morale and attitudes deteriorate. Conflict and stress cause burnout. Teamwork, productivity and innovation wane. Customer service and satisfaction diminish. Costs rise. The bottom line suffers.


Everyone pays a price when workers are disengaged in their work.





The Problem


Surveys by prominent workplace experts (including Gallup, Towers Watson and Modern Survey) continue to indicate that more than half, and perhaps nearly two-thirds, of workers are moderately or extremely disengaged in their jobs. That’s tough news for both the disengaged workers and their employers.


What does disengagement feel like?


If you are a disengaged employee, it may feel like your work is boring, a chore. You simply do not enjoy your job. You may have even started dreading going to work, and when you are there you are routinely counting the minutes until quitting time. You’re convinced that your contribution is under-appreciated. Your career progression seems to have stalled. 


The Solution









Your career success matters to Hiller Avenue Partners.  And we know that such success does not come easily. We’d like to help you.




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